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P1180120Hello, my name is Bronwyn Munro. After training as a medical scientist, I spent many years working in a hospital laboratory helping to find solutions to illness and disease. Although this was rewarding work, the hours hunched over laboratory benches and sitting slumped at the microscope left me with recurring neck and back pain.

I then spent a fortune and an enormous amount of emotional energy on trying different ways to resolve my persistent pain. By chance I came across the Alexander Technique while searching for a way to improve my voice for singing, a longtime passion.

Through studying the principles and practice of the Alexander Technique I soon realised that it could help me with my pain, as well as with my voice. I came to understand that my recurring pain was caused not only by the way I used my body but also my mind.

It was a general misuse of myself, which was more pronounced when performing simple daily movements such as lifting and sitting, that was contributing to my back and neck issues. My poor use was a key factor in perpetuating the cycle of pain.

Importantly, learning the Alexander Technique taught me how my thoughts and attitudes were contributing to the problem. It showed me how I was responding to pain both physically and mentally. This profound learning experience was the key to my recovery. My consideration of pain as both a complex and wholistic experience was confirmed when I recently completed studies in pain management.

I am a member of the Australian Society of Alexander Technique Teachers (AUSTAT); the Australian Pain Society (APS) and the International Association for the Study of Pain  (IASP).

Contact ThinkAlexander and allow me to introduce you to the Alexander Technique and how it can help you.

The Alexander technique is taught worldwide and there are many informative resources available.
You may find something of interest to you in my Blog. Here I share some commentaries and opinions on the Alexander technique and related topics.

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