The human organism always functions as a whole and can only be fundamentally changed as whole
FM Alexander

Advanced small group classes

Think Alexander provides small group classes for students with advanced Alexander Technique experience. These classes involve the practical application of the Technique to daily life with a focus on sharing and discussing observations and experiences, thus enhancing the learning process. Class size is limited to 5 people and runs weekly for 90 minutes in a 5 week block. This package includes a 45 minute individual lesson. A knowledge of the principles and practice of the technique is required to attend this group class.  If you are new to the technique you will require to have undergone, at a minimum, the special introductory course of 3 lessons provided by ThinkAlexander .

Small group class times:

Thursday:  6pm – 7.30pm

The Alexander technique is taught worldwide and there are many informative resources available.
You may find something of interest to you in my Blog. Here I share some commentaries and opinions on the Alexander technique and related topics.

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