Only what you have experienced yourself can be called knowledge the rest is information.
Albert Einstein

Courses and costs

Individual lessons

The most effective way to learn the Technique is through having individual Alexander Technique lessons with the teacher. The personal attention provided in one-on-one lessons allows for clearer understanding of the nature of habit and how it is interfering with your  daily movements and inevitably with your wellbeing.

Course of lessons

Think Alexander offers courses of 3, 5 and 10 lessons at reduced cost to support the individual approach to learning.

Small group classes

Think Alexander provides small group classes for friends, family or workmates to learn together in a safe and supported way. They are informative and enjoyable and the sharing of observations and practical ideas enhances the learning experience. Class size is limited to 3 people and cost is dependant on numbers of participants. Please make an enquiry for further details.

Introductory classes

An Introduction to the Alexander Technique classes are available.

This class covers the basics of the Technique while also looking at how it can be applied to individual problems such as using the computer or playing and instrument. The class will look closely at how you sit, stand and walk and how the Technique can bring ease and balance to these activities.

An Introduction to Constructive Rest  will follow the introductory workshop.

Constructive Rest is a simple practice that begins to build a conscious understanding of the individual patterns of tension present in the body and teaches the “know-how-to”of letting them go. Practicing Constructive Rest is about undoing chronic tension and laying a foundation on which to build balance and strength in the body.  It is very helpful for anyone who is in chronic pain or discomfort.

These classes are limited in numbers. Cost – $30. Dates for 2015 are still to be advised.  Let me know by email if you are interested to attend one of these workshops.

Think Alexander is also available to run presentations to your workplace or community.

Book an introductory class

Cost of lessons

All prices are current from 2015

Introductory lesson – one hour $75/$65
Regular lesson – 45 mins $65/$55
Special introductory package
(3 x one hour lessons)
5 lesson course
(5 x 45 min lessons)
10 lesson course
(10 x 45 min lessons)
Introductory Group Workshop $30


Many private health funds provide rebates for the Alexander Technique.

Check with your provider.

Concession prices are available to full-time students and Healthcare Card holders.

The Alexander technique is taught worldwide and there are many informative resources available.
You may find something of interest to you in my Blog. Here I share some commentaries and opinions on the Alexander technique and related topics.

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